While we're on the topic of love and marriage, we may as well shed a few facts on our journey to finding our other halves. It's funny to see where our lives have taken us so far - all growing up we made bets on who would get married first. It's amazing how we have each grown into our own selves, choosing very different paths to get there while at the same time making similar decisions to love, travel, and continue our education. Timing couldn't have been more different - and despite our decisions to marry at different ages and places, marriage has only added to the excitement and joy we have found in our lives. Despite our youthful 23-years of life, we have found great happiness in our companions. To love and be loved by has enriched our lives beyond our fondest dreams, leaving us fulfilled far beyond any traveling and adventuring around the world can ever do. Life is all about loving, and when we can do that then we can be happy no matter where we are on the globe. Marriage is sacred, and it is beautiful.

Met: 11.2006

She was 18. He was 23. She was shy yet persistent, he was shy and dismissive. I basically had to stalk him to get him to notice me. Dang good thing I blackmailed him into taking me on a first date, or I'd be dating some other kook.

Dated: 02.2007 - 02.2008

It was a long journey full of emotional twists and turns that left a young scared little girl grasping for answers to BIG QUESTIONS that would effect the rest of her life. At the ripe age of 20, I made that decision to trust in my love for Him, trust in God's plan for me, and take his hand in marriage.  We spent a lot of time skiing the slopes of Wyoming, exploring outside and cuddling to a good movie.

Engaged: 02.2008

It all happened atop a hay bail high above the ground overlooking miles of snowy fields. The sun was bright and the sky was perfectly blue with not a cloud in sight. I never felt an ounce of stress over the wedding hustle and bustle that so many girls panic about. It was simple, pretty and nice. We kept going on dates and enjoying each others' company until the day came to be wed.  I wore my ring shyly, not quite knowing how an engaged person at such an age should act. Inside, I was confident I had made the right decision and didn't let the world's view of maturity and when to get married get in my way.

Married: 06.05.08

T'was a beautiful sunny day in Idaho. We had a quaint backyard reception with a pond and buffalo hot wings. My French grandmother, a florist and artist, did all my flowers and it was great to see friends old and new  to celebrate such a whirlwind of a day. All the most important people in my life attended - and I wore a dress with polkadots and a bow to add to my youthful look and feel pretty and cute at the same time. As we drove away waving goodbye to the guests and with wieners scribbled on our car (thank you perverted friends), we went for a quiet log cabin retreat and anticipated our Costa Rican honeymoon in a few weeks.

Currently: Living and serving as volunteers in South America filming for a humanitarian organization.

Met: 11.2010

She was 22. He was 21. They first spotted each other in their skimpies on the beach, looking bronzed from the sun and frolicking in the sand. It really was quite romantic, and of course first things come first - they were attracted!

Dated: 11.2010 - 06.2011

Before they knew it, they were inseparable. Hanging out, talking on the phone for hours into the night and spending every moment together. Chase and Lisa fell in love fast. That's always how Lisa was. She loves quickly, and Chase was a wise man and chose to love her back more than Lisa ever could have imagined possible. They are truly a match in Heaven. She was waiting for just the right guy and although there were times where we were all getting anxious wondering when this guy would make his appearance he came to Lisa's rescue and gave her his whole heart without the slightest flinch or hesitation. Just what she needed.

Engaged: 06.2011

Of course living on an island, he proposed on the beach with tealights and a glistening silver band.  Chase is really good at making things romantic, and that picnic on the beach will forever be ingrained in her memory (and probably mine too) as the most ideal proposal. They smiled with the biggest smirks for at least 72 hrs afterwards, and spent their days in the sun and water.

Married: 09.03.11

What a beautiful sunny day in San Diego, California! It was crazy, hectic and exciting all at once. With family who traveled from Idaho and even South America, it was good to have (almost) everyone there together. We frolicked on the beach with our seafoam dresses hanging loosely and seaglass necklaces draped around our necks, while Lisa staggered around in tall sexy heels looking her very best. We danced our hearts out at the reception and enjoyed excellent Mexican food right off the grill. It was a total party. They took off the next day for the Bahamas, to add more tan to their already-intensely-tan tan.

Currently: Newlyweds living on the North Shore of Oahu and going to school at BYU-Hawaii.

Met: 09.2007

She was 19. He was 21. Drew, with his suave manliness, showed up at our apartment and while the girls peeked around the corner to sneak a glance at this burly man we all giggled knowing something had to happen. He chose Megan. They spent many summer nights, road trips, and long walks talking together. Their relationship blossomed from best friends to people who not only cared for each other deeply, but found great companionship and love as a couple.

Dated: 10.2007

Drew and Megan always had tons of fun. They went on all kinds of trips and saw all kinds of places. Always surrounded by big groups of friends, they spent many special moments together having romantic picnics as the sun set and laying sticks in the word "LOVE" along the train tracks. These two were the epitome of cute romance - they always had little things they did for each other and secret dates that ended up being a scavenger hunt or some kind of game. Drew spoiled her to her heart's content - and once Megan mustered the courage to consent they decided to make it permanent.

Engaged: 10.2008

Drew is the KING of ROMANCE. He hid a message in a bottle and the ring under some leaves, and with hand in hand they walked the sandy lake shore looking for the message. When she stumbled upon the bottle and read the letter aloud, he popped the question. The sun was setting and it was a crisp Fall day, and as they shared their newly engaged kiss he probably filled her ear with the sappiest sweetest nothings a boy could ever say.

Married: 02.07.09

It was Winter, and despite the chill air we warmed up at the reception at a train station with hot cocoa, spiced cider, and fresh chocolate chip and sugar cookies. There was a homey feel to it all, and we clogged around in our leather boots visiting with friends and family, and every once in a while a train would whiz by shaking the entire building and leaving everyone grasping for their glasses of cocoa. It was an inviting and cozy feeling, and people left refreshed as the newlyweds dashed away to Central America.

Currently: Living in Idaho running her own business and hanging out with her puppy and VW bus.
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  1. this interesting read made me almost late for my practicum this morning, haha! i love reading these kind of things!!

  2. loooove this relationship synopsis! yay for love and marriage! you three adorables and hubbies are all so cute!

  3. Ah...this made me smile. :)

  4. I still can't believe you are all old enough to get married. I remember visiting your family right after you were born....your mom dressed each one of you in your own special color so the rest of us would know which baby was which, she could tell you all apart from the day she brought you home from the hospital. Congrats to Lisa and you are still all the cutest girlies ever. Loved seeing each of your wedding pictures. Even though I feel like an old cousin now.

  5. Wow can't believe how fast you all went from meeting, dating, and getting married...but it truly is like 'they' say...when you know, you know!! Loved hearing all of your stories!

  6. Thanks for sharing these stories! Beautiful.

  7. that was so fun to read! Made me smile :) You are all so beautiful!

  8. aww :] It was so nice to read about how the three of you fell in love! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Loved it! :]

  9. What good looking couples! I love you all!

  10. You are all very cute!! Congratulations to all your families!!!

  11. Awww, so sweet! you all married so young!

  12. This is adorable. All of your stories are romantic and beautiful:) My story matches Lisa the closest. Mine was a whirlwind romance, as well, where everything happened so fast (in the world's perspective), but when you know, then you just know:) I also got married on September 3, 2011:) Congratulations girlies on your marriages and I wish you SO much happiness and deep lasting friendships with your hubbies:)


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