Necklace: Forever 21 

Several years ago,
Lisa unknowingly started a triplet tradition.
She gave us each a gold peace sign necklace for our birthday.
Since then, we have often given a matching necklace as a gift or just a thoughtful gesture.
Each necklace represents something special in our life.

For example:

The sea shell Kylie brought home from her honeymoon in Costa Rica,
the first time we were truly apart.
The pearl heart locket we each got for my wedding day,
with a picture of our special day or lovey in it.
The Roxy best friend necklace that we each share with our mama too.
And the fish, to represent our blissful reunion in Hawaii.

I figured it's time to add to our collection of triplet necklaces.
Lisa is getting married tomorrow. 
This is a day we have been waiting for
since basically the day Kylie and I got married.
We are beyond excited for her, and this necklace
is just a small token of my love for my sissies.
And it is wrapped up in three little words.

I love you Kylie and Lisa.
I am so happy we share our lives together.
There is and never will be anybody that can replace you.
I wouldn't trade being a triplet for anything in the world.

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5 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. cutest.girls.ever.

  2. You guys are too adorable! What a beautiful tradition too.

  3. That is so sweet! what a great way to show your friendship :)

  4. You girls are so cute! Have fun celebrating!

  5. ah megs i love you, sweetest post ever i love this post! we need another necklace hehe


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