it's true that from the side, sometimes you cannot tell who is who.
sometimes when we look in the mirror, like when we just woke up 
and have messy hair and no make up on, we scream and laugh because we look so similar. 
and when you put us in the same clothes, it gets even more confusing.
and sometimes...sometimes... in pictures, we really cannot tell
which head belongs to which body.
being a triplet can be pretty trippy. 
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10 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA i love this :) so true. i just had millions of memories flood into my brain. LOVE YOU SISSIES!

  2. you guys are so cute! sounds trippy not knowing who is who! Will you be posting more pics of the wedding? :)

  3. i will post some pics of the wedding when they come in from my photographer :)

  4. crazy-awesome-cute!!


  5. Great words LOVE IT :)

  6. absolutely! i have some to post, and lisa will post the wedding photos from her photographer once they're in. it usually takes a couple weeks but i'll be back next wk with more :)

  7. I can imagine it can be hard to tell I mean.. I can't tell at all at this picture. Yall look great tho!

  8. That's actually pretty awesome. I used to wish I were a twin or triplet...

  9. what a great pic of you 3. so pretty.


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