we found this "triplet" group on facebook.

we have been able to meet triplets from all around the world,
and talk with the parents of triplets for advice.
it's been so fun to see pictures of triplets who are our age,
and find a place where we can all relate.
many triplets are not identical, but we are.
it is pretty rare and amazing we are all healthy.

a mother of triplets asked,
"how can we be good parents to our triplets,
and what things do you wish your parents 
could have done differently?"

kylie was the first to respond saying,

"just love us! and understand that sometimes we just have weird triplet-y ways that may not make sense to you. i think one of the best things is to recognize them as individuals. so often we get lumped into one person which can really suck. when my mom acknowledges me individually for some kind of talent or skill i feel like gold. make sure you recognize their individual talents and abilities and how they balance each other out, because a lot of times we are all good at different things and that makes the triplet-ness even better!"

thankfully we have great parents who recognize our needs as individuals
as well as our needs to be together. which means we might need another trip to hawaii here soon.
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4 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. thank you so much ellyse! you are so sweet! where can we find your blog? would love to stop by and say hello!! :)


  2. ahh i love this, good idea meggie.
    i love you sissies.
    triplet reunion - hawaii - 2012
    sooner rather than later!


  3. That's so cool! I nannied for a family that had triplets for a year and it was a blast. I always loved running into other families that had triplets and told us all about it.

  4. Hi!
    I'm new to your blog - I just wanted to let you know that so far i'm really enjoying reading about all your adventures- plus - this photo from when you were kids is just adorable!
    keep up the good work,


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