Traveling Triplets decided now is the time to start a bucket list!
We've compiled a list of 30 things we want to do before we turn 30 years old.
We have just under 7 years to do it! Wish us luck!

Now it's YOUR TURN to make a bucket list! 
Leave a comment and share some of your top 5 with us!

Make your own bucket list and post it on your blog,
and link back to Traveling Triplets to share! What fun!

Ready, set, DREAM BIG!
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32 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY - 30 BEFORE 30

  1. would love to see it! do you have a link?

  2. we'll keep that in mind, thanks cait! :)

  3. what a great list! i just make a list called 101 in 1001 {which is about 2.75 years}

    tops things on the list:
    make a baby
    start adoption process for another baby
    train trip across Europe with Hubs BEFORE the babies :)
    upgrade camera
    take another girls weekend with sissy and two besties.


  4. This is a cool list. I like #21 and considered having one done myself. Have you heard of the blog "Pop Pop Portraits".... she does really cute cartoon drawings of people. :-)

  5. Those are some great things! I hope you get to make them!
    1. Get married to a great guy.
    2. Write a book and get it published(in the process of writing)
    3. Get a Black Cocker (Sp?)Spaniel.
    4. Get asked about my Purity ring.
    5. Go to my best friend's sweet 16 ball(English country dancing :) and have my own wonderful party...just maybe not a ball.
    Keep Growing BEautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  6. oh i just LOVE this you guys! i'm going to think and work on my list...then do a post and link back to yours! you guys have some fabulous things you want to accomplish and experience :) *cheers* to dreaming big! (and on a semi-random side note, "Dream Big" by Ryan Shuppe and the Rubber Band was my first song-ringtone on my cell in high school;)

  7. Question: do ALL three of you have to do all of these things..?

  8. that's the idea, as we are triplet sisters! :) together is better!

  9. that is perfect haley, thank you! can't wait to see it, yahoo! :)

  10. ooh great idea Haley! I think I'll do that too and link back to you guys!
    And you guys came up with a great list!!! My favorite is to grow your hair really long, which I WISH my hair would do. But it won't. And a sisters road trip!! That sounds amazing! you guys might want to do that before the kiddos come though ;)

  11. That's a lot of to-do-list-crossing-off!

  12. i don't see it as a to do list, i see it as possibilities :) anything is possible if you're determined! :) good luck in your adventures :)

  13. Yay for bucket lists! Here's 5 I just came up with:
    1. Have babies
    2. Travel to South Africa
    3. Learn how to take awesome pictures
    4. Buy a house
    5. Take a hubs-and-me trip somewhere warm (and maybe try surfing!)

  14. I was just thinking today that I can not wait to go to NYC during Christmas this year. I really don't think there is anywhere more 'Christmasy' then New York. We stayed in the city over night on Christmas Eve two years ago-we went to go see the tree, ate dinner in an empty Italian restaurant in Little Italy, and fell asleep watching A Christmas Story. A night I will never, ever forget!!

  15. we've already checked some off!

  16. im going to check that out now! thanks :)

  17. Compete in a ride and tie
    Learn dressage
    Compete in the tevis cup

  18. I really like a lot of these! Trouble is...I'm near 30. Ahhhh!!! But if I pick 40 before 40 then I'm really doomed. haha I will be making a list though. Just gotta think of things I really want to do. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. haha you are too funny. it is quite the list for 7 yrs but we will do our best! and there's no room for excuses - it's fun! :) you can do whatever you wanna do :) xoxo

  20. Fun list! Good luck completing it!

    The first few things that pop in my head for me are:
    1. visit 30 countries
    2. take a hot air balloon ride
    3. get a masters degree and change careers

  21. I always like seeing what others are putting on their lists! It's a great source of inspiration. I did my list a little differently: 101 things to do in 1001 days. More things in less time - not sure if it's a great idea, but it's sure fun trying!
    The list is here:

  22. Such a good idea - I had to do one (;

  23. loved it! you are the bomb! thanks for playing along! xoxo

  24. thats a great list, jill. what do you want to change your career to?

  25. A tip...when you go to the south of France, you should visit San Tropez, and then visit a little town called La Croix Valmer--especially on a Sunday--they have the COOLEST plein aire market and really high quality merchandise for a decent price...I don't know about bartering, but definitely make sure you go to La Croix Valmer (and watch out for old french bums, they sit on the ground next to buildings and sometimes randomly grab your legs while your walking and beg for money or are otherwise creepy. :) It's so beautiful by the mediterranean!! Way better than Paris :P

  26. haha this is awesome! i just turned the big 3-0 so perhaps it's too late for me to do a 30 before 30 list - but i did create a 30 before 35 list a few days before my birthday....and I also have a Wanderlist (a list to inspire wander :) that's more travel/adventure related...maybe i should put a "timeline" on the wanderlist stay motivated.

    love your list!

    p.s. love "have cute babies"

  27. uhh, already turned 30 this year.... guess I need a bucketlist for 35 :)
    top 5 would be: snorkel with whale shark, roam India, learn to surf, talk like an Australian and also having cute babies :) here is another wanderlist I wrote last year:
    ps: looking forward to see the cartoon version of you three :)

  28. Here's my 30 before 30 list!!

    Thanks for the idea! It was fun to think all this stuff up :)

  29. i just made my list! and i linked back to you guys :) The next 7 years are going to be awesome :)


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