today we went to the open-air market.
we loaded up on some fruits and veggies and came home
to sum up the total cost... we were quite pleased!
it's not as cheap as some places (like china) but it's
a pretty dang good deal if you ask me.

i love farmer's markets. especially when
you are in another country and the little lady
who sells you strawberries has a green hat 
with a peacock feather and a big grin.

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3 comments on EL MERCADO

  1. i lived there 2 years - i know - and i'll be back to groan at the prices of food haha

  2. Yum. I am so jealous! Especially of those berries!

  3. WOW best deals EVER! i think i just got depressed comparing those prices to here in hawaii haha. that many strawberries would be around 6 bucks here. eggs usually 3 somethin. broccoli thing like that around 3. bell peppers (2-3) is 5 bucks. seriously. so dumb. berries on this island are seriously so expensive


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