I triplet #2, went to the BAHAMAS recently for my honeymoon! And it was so dreammmmmy, Chase and I loved it! What a beautiful place. The Bahamas is made up of 29 islands! Can you believe it? We cruised through the Atlantic with the Royal Caribbean and stopped at two of the islands, Nassau and Coco Cay.

Our first day was spent cruising and our second day we stopped in Nassau. This place was made for tourists so don't expect cheap prices or decent bartering. But it is worth the experience, culture, and fun souvenirs. Chase and I found a few cute things to take home, enjoyed a nice nap on the beach, I got a hair wrap, and we took a sail boat excursion to go snorkeling in the middle of the ocean (it's all pretty shallow)! It was the best. Unfortunately our water camera with all the rad pictures got lost :( Tear. But here are the ones we got with our other camera.

Our second day the ship ported at the gorgeous island of Coco Cay. This was the raddest place I have ever been. Chase and I had some to die for photos here that were on the water camera that I'm still depressed about losing. This island was HOT I couldn't believe it. After living in Hawaii you would think you would be used to heat and humidity, but this was like something I have never felt. The water was glass clear and you could walk out for miles. The beaches were perfection with palm trees and hammocks. It had adorable souvenir stands and yummy food all over. There was nothing but brightly colored buildings and happy smiles from everyone. This was definitely our favorite stop!

The third day we hit land at Key West, Florida. Although in the United States, I felt like I was still far into the Atlantic. Here Chase and I did a "touristy" thing and went on an adventure! We rented jet skis and joined a tour group all around the island. It was the coolest thing, so fun, warm, beautiful, and thrilling! Chase was such a fast driver I thought I would die a few times (afraid to fall into the waters there because its shallow and grassy which means sharks...eep!). But it was a blast. We also walked around Key West a little and I was blown away by its beauty, gorgeous massive old fashioned homes, and some great brightly colored real estate. Key West is a booming shopping place so bring your moneys!

Other than that Chase and I spent a lot of time enjoying the perks of the ship. We ate lots, swam in the pool lots, explored the different decks lots, ate lots, went to a few comedian shows, and again....ate lots. much! It was a party the whole 4 days!

Now go to the Bahamas, and become a Bahama Mama!!!
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5 comments on BAHAMA MAMA!

  1. Wow it looks SO gorgeous! Definitely have to go there one day. My fiancé & I plan to go to Maldives for our honeymoon :) M x

  2. We loved our cruise to the Bahamas:)) I've never seen more beautiful water!!

  3. It's so beautiful!! The water is so blue and green...and gorgeous :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  4. How fun!!! What beautiful pics. Congrats!


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