FAMILIES: They are straight from Heaven. Kind, loving, generous and willing to open
their humble homes to you just for stopping by. Plus they always have puppies,
and have a fantastic personality that makes you miss your own family at home.

KIDDIES: Yes, all these adorable kiddies are my favorite. I really wish
I could just spend all day with them, laughing and playing and making jokes. The great
thing about kids is their Spanish is more my level - simple conversations and basics, which
helps me along in my ability to communicate. Plus they like to ask questions -
which I love!

HOMES: The people I work with live in humble homes in the countryside. Let me tell you,
these people are incredible. They know how to live within their means and make the best
with what they have. I love the creative designs they come up with and how they use their space -
it is quite impressive indeed and I love their kitchens the most. Simple and rustic.

PUPPIES: They´re everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you!

OLD PEOPLE: I just want to adopt every single old person as my own grandparent.
I just love them all so much. I don´t quite know how they do it - there is something
about a wise twinkle in their eye and their wrinkly smiles that I just can´t resist loving.

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  1. I never really though of Ecuador as a destination I'd like to see but from what I see in this post it looks like it's going on my list : ) Also what camera are you using? The bokeh is beautiful in these photos!

  2. love this post :) that's it, i'm adding ecuador to my bucket list!! seeing the families in their homes has got to be such an experience...and i'm so glad that you can capture is all so beautifully and share it with us!

  3. hi chaucee! thanks for the compliment! i shoot on a canon 5D mk II and a canon 7D. the bokeh comes from shooting with a low aperature and in manual. what are you using?

  4. Canon XSI with sigma lense 28-70mm.

  5. Ahh oh my. I used to live in Ecuador and I absolutely love all of these photos and agree with you 100% about the families, homes, and children. Ahh. What a beautiful place.

  6. I have heard so many good things about Ecuador, I have have have to go!!
    Thanks for the inspiration on this rather slow moving Tuesday morning :)


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