there is a man named angél.
he is a sweet old man.
his gummy toothless smile gets me everytime.
i met him at the tippy top of a cloudy mountain
on a blustery day in buenos aires, ecuador.
this particular community is in a rainforest area,
which makes me feel like i´m in central america.
it is beautiful and i sure do love it.

angél discovered me walking down the street,
and came to greet me. people are so friendly in ecuador.
he invited my husband and i to his home for a chat.
with machete in hand and a big goofy grin on his face,
we obliged and spent the afternoon reminiscing about his children
who now live in quito and spain, far away from him.
he is lonely. by the end of our visit, he told us he loved us 
as his own children and we could not deny 
we felt the same love for him as our little ecuadorian grandpa!
We love Angél and his sweet little home
a few weeks later, we returned to buenos aires.
he caught us in the street - mid filming for some work there, and pulled us aside.
with a big wet kiss on my cheek and several hugs,
he gave me a heaping bag full of food.
it contained fruits freshly picked from his own garden,
and even a hunk of cheese which is hard to come by
in that area, so i knew it was valuable.

we thanked him, knowing it was all he had.
what a sweet, genuine, loving and selfless man angél is.
i think it is easy to say that he truly is an ANGEL.
we left with warm hearts full of gratitude for such a sweet old man.
i couldn´t be happier to call him my own abuelito de ecuador.

. . . . . .
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6 comments on UN CUENTITO

  1. I teared up reading this.

    I can't believe how people who have nothing are willing to give everything. We have a lot to learn from them.


  2. He looks so sweet. I'm sure he loves having you two around.

  3. wow ky that is the sweetest story ever! thanks for sharing! i love angel too! he really misses his children :( we can't let that be one of our parents someday sis. glad you made him happy and it sounds like he was happy to serve you too!

  4. oh my gosh i love angel, sweetest thing ever wow. how generous :)

  5. That's so awesome you are able to meet people like that. There is so much love in the most unexpected places! That kind of warmth is just lost on our generation. But I have hope.

  6. That is so sweet, and he is so cute. Just found your blog, and def following it. I have a Twin, but I can't imagine being a triplet! So fun.


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