hey, remember this contest we entered?
and remember when we won?
well, here is the prize in all its american apparel glory.
we have ky and spence to thank for filming and editing our video.
until ky gets back to claim her hoody, i will wear it proudly!
thank you for your votes and thank you trip films!
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3 comments on THANK YOU TRIP FILMS!

  1. thank you hailey! you are awesome! glad you are enjoying it. WHERE in china do you live?! my husband and i lived in china for 5 months!

  2. haha thats awesome!! that sweater looks comfy!

  3. ok, i'm pretty sure you three are the cutest things i have ever seen. your 'about' video is awesome! i'm not sure how i stumbled upon your blog but i am loving it. me and my hubby are living in china right now, so reading about your travels is oh so much fun! you can check out our travels at


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