Fresh herbs everyday for tea
You know what is a delicious and warm treat?
Fresh herbal tea! Peruvians have nailed it.
They grow fresh herbs in their gardens, 
and spend the mornings gathering them to drink.
When I lived in Peru, I spent every morning sipping
over a cup of fresh herbal tea. The best part is, it is all natural.
Anybody can grow herbs, even if you don't have space in your apartment
you can easily grow herbs in a small pot indoors.
You can find tips on an indoor pot here.
Fresh mint tea
Mint is my favorite tea - just snap off a few leaves and drop it 
in a steaming cup for a fresh and minty (I can't think of another word) taste.
It is much more fun if you grow it yourself, so give it a try!
Sipping tea
Mmmm... even in the summer I still drink herbal tea. 
Doesn't matter what time of the year it is - and especially now,
just in time for FALL, you should get your pot a growin'! 
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11 comments on TASTY TUESDAY

  1. awesome! When were backpacking we run across mint sometimes, and just this last time we made mint tea, yum!

  2. gorgeous shots ky. absolutely love this. i wanna try!

  3. The mint tea looks delicious. Will have to try :)


  4. your photography is so warm and inviting and delish!

  5. sounds lovely. :] we definitely want to try this out. - Love, Aly & Celine

  6. fantastic post ky, great tasty tuesday!!

  7. I'm also a mint-alholic i grow it on my patio and in my kitchen so i can have it at any time.

  8. Your photos are perfect :)
    That tea looks so so good


  9. Kylie, are you suggesting that we all grow pot? 'Cause that's illegal! You said it here, "... and especially now, just in time for FALL, you should get your pot a growin'!"

  10. hahaha classic. yep. thats right. medicinal.

  11. that was one of my favorite things about peru too!


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