Huatia cook out
Huatia is a famous Peruvian dish of baked potatoes.
The Peruvians sure do love their potatoes.
This dish is especially fun because you cook it outside!
In Peru they use adobe stoves and fill it with wood.
It serves as a homemade oven and works quite well.

If you really want to get authentic, you can cook it outside
on a simple campfire. Just grab a dutch oven and bury it in coal!
Be sure to put in enough water for when the fire gets roaring and cooks the potatoes.
It cooks fast - so stay close to the fire to be ready for it when it's done!

Once the potatoes are done, place them on a blanket 
and lay it out like a pic-nic. This dish is easy peesy! 
It's more fun eating potatoes outside and on the ground.
The difference between cooking huatia style 
versus the traditional boil, is the smokey taste.
You really can't get it any other way.
Try it! It's EASY! Maybe at your late summer campout?
I think you'd like the results. 
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5 comments on TASTY TUESDAY

  1. yum! Just might have to try this during the next two weeks of camping! We may get a bit sick of hot dogs, ha ha!

  2. Being russian, potatoes are a staple in our diet :) A must try for the next time we go camping!

    PS. I don't think I'll ever get tired of commenting on your photos. Truly amazing.


  3. Hi Traveling Triplets!
    I'm a friend of Kylee's from BYUH - we were mutual friends with Nate and Katie Williams.
    I would really like to do a guest post for you guys, if you're down. I took a trip to Europe last April. I know you have already had a post on Paris and Italy, but I'd love to do a post on Rothenburg, Germany, or St. Malo, France. You can view my posts on them here:

    and here:
    Let me know what you think! I'd love the opportunity!

  4. thank you so much meghan! good to hear from you :) a guest post from europe would be great! we actually are posting a guest post on germany in a few days, so i think right now we could go for the st. malo, france post! PLEASE EMAIL US at travelingtriplets3@gmail.com and we'll get this rolling! thanks!


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