tonight we got to "hang out" via google plus!
skype was letting us down with 3 way.
we have to pay now? what!

then we were invited to join yet another form of social networking.
google plus not only impressed us with its comparisons to facebook,
but also with its awesome ability to hang out through video chat.

ky in ecuador.
lis in hawaii.
me in idaho.
it doesn't matter.
we got google plus now.

we won video of the month with tripfilms!
thanks for voting for us, we're stoked! 
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6 comments on "HANGING OUT"

  1. So cute :) Glad you guys could all chat together! I'll add you to my circles :) I think I have like 10 people on there...all "blog friends" :)

  2. yes i agree! best hangout ever! minus my bad connection haha. but megs, remember, I LIVE IN ECUADOR NOW! nobody listens to me! haha. annnnnnnnd yahoo for the video making the big win! that makes me feel pretty fantastic.

  3. Traveling TripletsFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    oh ya sorry sis. i just used to saying peru, i promise i listen to you! your connection was awful, hahaha. hopefully next time is better. and for the video prize (hoody) i sent it to my place because you are far away. is that ok? ill save it for you :)

  4. Now I want google +... Skype has definitely lost it's sparkle and when you happen to be in a LDR you need the best you can find ;)

  5. i loved our confusing google + chat. so much fun!! and STOKED about our video win! good job sistas :)!

  6. Sweet. I heard google plus was wayyy cooler. I guess I have to hop over there and check it out. : )


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