Have you ever wanted to find a place to stay seconds away from the perfect surf? 
Plan ahead with Wavecation.  Wavecation is our newest sponsor and we are stoked to share with you a website we love that will make your travel plans easy.

Once upon a time there was a Texas surfer who was desperate for a better way to find surf vacations for his family. And so Wavecation was born. Wavecation only features accommodations that are on surf breaks. We're not talking just a surf area or fun beach town, we're talking gorgeous rentals with surf break you can see over your nice stack of breakfast pancakes. You get to pick where you want to go, what type of surf you prefer, and all the property specifics to make your vacation tip top. 
We've never seen a website so tailored to surfers needs.

Wavecation is also working with Mission Mexico Orphanage to help get more surfboards down there.
We do love a good cause, so be sure to check it out! Like Wavecation on Facebook for updates on surf rentals all around the world and more! T-shirts are coming soon and stickers are now available, so leave a comment if you want a free sticker! 

Have a surf rental or know somebody with property? 
Contact Wavecation for your own listing on the world's only surf directory. 

Now make our new sponsor feel welcome and go plan your own wavecation!
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  1. Do they have recommendations on where to learn how to surf?

  2. i am totally gonna use this!! thanks for this!

  3. Kristen, great question. The best way to find beginner friendly spots is click "view all" on the homepage and then check "beginner surf lessons" from the search criteria. That will bring up all the properties that offer surf lessons. If you need help with recommendations feel free to email me:

    Happy surfing

  4. I wish I could surf....sounds like a great program!

  5. Traveling TripletsFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:46 PM

    if you want to learn you can pick for example a longboard surf break with smaller waves anywhere you want. it's way specific and super helpful for all kinds of surf!


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