First of all, our trip to the Oregon coast didn't go as planned.
Our VW camper had a couple more holes to patch and we weren't able to travel
as long as we'd hoped, so we took our sweet time and camped along the way
to our beach house in Depoe Bay. This particular camp spot only cost $5 and it was legit! 
Isn't it cute how Jimmy wears a headlamp too? He is the coolest dog ever.
 Speaking of dogs...
We were able to keep Jimmy with us the whole trip!
We had planned ahead to drop him off at a doggy day care
in Lincoln City near where we were staying.
When we got there we found out he could stay with us for free
so we were pretty stoked! Otherwise, if you're traveling with a dog
be sure to do your homework first.
Have your dog's shots and vaccines updated, it is required
by professional dog care locations.
You don't want a sick puppy do you?
 We stopped at several scenic viewpoints, beaches, surf breaks and tide pools
on our way to Depoe Bay and even on our way home through Florence. 
We don't recommend southern Oregon for your beach getaway.
Don't get me wrong- it is beautiful!
But central and northern Oregon is more touristy for a reason.
The beaches and surf are better and in our experience camp spots were cheaper. 
Hey look, Jimmy says hi!
We stayed at a lovely beach front house with windows so wide you can wear your sunglasses indoors.
Our family watched us surf from above and we met some locals who really knew how to shred.
If you're curious about Oregon coast rentals,
we found our beach house through Clear Stay and Oregon Beach Vacations!
 One day we took a boat ride to see some whales.
But we didn't see any whales.
Instead we saw sea lions, birdies, and the fin of a porpoise!

After overcoming a bit of nausea,
we hit up the streets of Lincoln City and stopped
for some delicious salt water taffy and ice-cream.
There is also an AMAZING Thai restaurant
in Lincoln City (I think the only one) that is pretty much ran by one dude. 
The food was so good I wish I could eat there every day.
 Traveling with your best friend has its perks.
We got to snuggle under the stars and play in the ocean.
Jimmy even flew a kite! Luckily, we have a chill dog who can ride
in a car all day long happy as can be with his head poking out the window.
Just make some extra pit stops for your pup to drink water and go pee pee and poo poo!
 After a good day of surfing in the frigid water of Oregon,
we warmed up next to a fire on the beach.
As for surf spot recommendations in Oregon,
we highly suggest Pacific City and Otter Rock
by the well known landmark Devil's Punch Bowl.
Pacific City gets some decent waves and is highly surfed
and Otter Rock is perfect for longboarding,
that's why they call it the Waikiki of Oregon.

If you locals know of any "secret" surf spots and don't mind sharing,
we'd love to hear. Remember, the ocean is for all of us to enjoy.
We love the Oregon coast and next time Jimmy is going surfing!
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  1. so cute! my boyfriend and I surfed at Pacific City this past weekend! Such a small world!

  2. this has fun written alllllllll over it! love it.

  3. The photos of the foggy beach took my breath away :) So beautiful...

    and your dog is so so cute :) Love the picture of him running away from the water



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