Hello Traveling Triplets readers!

I am Brooke Field and I blog about my
daily adventures over at [field notes]. I had a hard time deciding what to
spotlight in this post because the world has so many wonderful places to
visit, but I’ve really been missing the beach lately so I just went with that.
Plus, it is my two-year wedding anniversary this month! 
We honeymooned on Grand Cayman Island two years ago and I would
definitely recommend it for a Caribbean beach vacation destination!
There is so much to do that I think a 1.5-2 week stay is ideal.
My very favorite activity is just relaxing on the beach. Husband loves to
snorkel. But there is plenty to do on the island to keep you busy.
Seven Mile Beach: A beautiful white sand beach that goes on for seven
miles. There are plenty of hotels and condos along Seven Mile beach if
you are like me and want to wake up and go straight out to the ocean.
Also a great place for jogs and long walks.
Snorkel: There are plenty of colorful fish to be seen!
This makes for a great relaxing workout.
Rum Point: Rent a car for a few days and drive around the island. Be sure
to stop at Rum Point. It is a tourist destination, but it has an amazing
beach where the water is only about a foot deep and you can walk out for
hundreds of feet! It’s beautiful. There are also kayak rentals and lounge chairs available.

Jerk Chicken: While you drive around the island, keep a lookout for jerk
chicken stands. Makes for a delicious and cheap lunch or dinner. 
You may just want to go back for more!
Turtle Farm: See turtles at all ages. You’re even able to pick up the young ones!

Mastic Trail: Beware of the large (and scary) bugs along this little trail. Did
I mention there are also tons of lizards and iguanas all over the island?
Lighthouse Restaurant: Splurge on a romantic dinner at Lighthouse
Restaurant. It was pricy ($100-$130 for two people), but totally worth it.
If we ever go back we will definitely eat there again. Call ahead and
reserve the private outdoor table over the ocean and watch the sun set
while you enjoy the fantastic food.
Stingray City: Catamaran to Stingray City. The boat ride itself is worth the
price of the ticket, plus you get to hold wild stingrays which is probably a
once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen before the ride back.

Downtown: Walk to and around the downtown area. Try some local
cuisine while you’re there and pick up any souvenirs you need. Stop at
the local shops for some great and unique items. If I went back I would
look into bike rentals...
Rent a boat: Boat rentals are available for the day if you want to get off
the beach and into some deeper water. Keep an eye out for flying fish, they are amazing!
Make sure there are no tropical storms in the forecast on the day you book.
But most of all, spend plenty of time relaxing on the beach and drink up some pina coladas!
Beach bag essentials: spray sunblock (the lotion kind gets sticky and
sandy), bright colored sun glasses, plenty of frozen water bottles (avoid
dehydration), flip flops and/or good walking sandals, beach towels, a
good read (book or magazine), blow-up floating bed, good fitting snorkel
& flippers, and a water proof camera (along with your normal camera).
I hope you can make it to Grand Cayman Island! You won’t regret it!

 . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you, Brooke!

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  1. looks so fun! i miss the caribbean. thanks for the guest post!

  2. Love that turquoise water!

  3. Love Brooke and her blog! What an awesome trip!

  4. Cayman Islands are just lovely places for water sports and relaxing vacations. This is a lovely demonstration of the beauty of the islands.


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