we have more idaho hot springs that we love if you're ever in the area.
outside of boise and near lowman you will spot kirkham hot springs right off highway 21
where a steaming waterfall and rocky/sandy bottomed pools lie
alongside the cool rushing water of the payette river.

take a dip any time of the day or night and enjoy the breathtaking views.
bring your money, kirkham does come with a small fee because it is located on a national campground.
and remember, this is a popular pit stop for travelers and you are visible from the road so you won't be able to soak naked here!

don't worry, you still have mile marker 4
 and then we have goldbug.
mmmm... goldbug.

south of salmon we went with a group of friends to hike 3 miles
of beautiful desert trails and were rewarded with a string of hot pools
varying in temperature. we watched the sun set behind the rolling hills
and let our bodies sink into the sandy floors of mother earth.
the golden and purple hues of the sun set were to die for.
here, clothes are optional. so don't be surprised if you see a
few free spirits having a good time!

nature has so much to offer us,
don't forget to breath it in and soak it in if you have to.
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