hi-ya, says triplets!

we have spent an awful lot of time on this here swing.
it's up at our family cabin in cascade, idaho.
as little girls we would swing and swing,
giggling the entire time, until our brother's arms fell off
from pushing us higher and higher.
some things just never get old.
and some things should never change.
moments like these in the late summer, 
should happen over and over and over again.
even when you weigh too much and you're all growed up,
i think it's okay to ask for a push one more time.
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6 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. this is so cute

  2. aw that is so sweet. You three are the cutest triplets ever :)

    Notes She Wrote

  3. so cute ky i love how you write. your the best! lets go to the cabin as soon as we all can TOGETHER with our husbands! hehe!

  4. You girls are seriously my favorite triplets... this picture is too cool for words!



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