So get this. This is Lisa blogging just fyi. Our mom is telepathic. Seriously. Ok maybe not, but we like to think so. She just senses things,  it must be her mother instinct, amazing. Our mother foretold our futures when we were 18!!! Get this...

Our family was on vacation in San Francisco. One night we were staying in this really cute hotel near Bubba Gump that was decorated all sailor/ocean like, seriously it was so cute.We were all three sitting on one of the beds just lounging after a long day of exploring the city. Of course boys were discussed and my mom decided to tell us what man she "pictures" we will each end up with.

Side note: She was bias with Kylie's man because Ky was dating Spence at the time ;)

Ky's future man....
1.) Light brown hair
2.) Blue eyes
3.) Wears old band t's
4.) Outdoorsy style


Lis's future man....
1.) Californian
2.) Tall and blonde
3.) Muscular build
4.) Wears crew necks and stripes


Meg's future man....
1.) Dark hair and blue eyes
2.) Masculine and hairy
3.) Wears flannels
4.) Wears chacos

And there we have it! Well done Mama Baby! I think she pretty much nailed it. The pictures don't show all, but all our boy's sure do have pretty blue eyes. Spence really does wear old t shirts, Chase digs stripes, and Drew loves his flannels.

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  1. Can your mom give me a prediction? :)

  2. I just stumbled upon this blog and a lot of other amazingly stylish, happy, lovey-dovey Mormon blogs, and I am DYING to know...

    ...what would have happened if any of you had been born homosexual? Would you have been denied all of this happily-ever-after? Would you have been denied the love of your life for being gay? Would you still be posting about your charmed existence with the love of your life if she were a woman? Or would you have been not allowed to because your Church disapproved?

  3. Love this post! Moms are truly the best and these men are all very handsome! :]

  4. Hilarious. It must be a mom's sense or something. In my case, my sisters thought I was going to marry a Utah farmboy, and that I'd have three kids by the time I was 25. lol.

  5. Mom's have a sixth sense of sorts! They are pretty much all knowing :)

    Too sweet!


  6. best freaky friday post ever. man, we have such sexy men!

  7. haha that's hilarious! You've got to love Moms :)

  8. Your mom is freakishly wise. You tell her I said so.

  9. mama knows best!

  10. That is really funny!

  11. This is really cute, it not only showed how much your mom knew you guys but just how different your interests are in guys! Lol.. Really cute post!

  12. this blog ROCKSSS!!!!!! love you girlies <3

  13. thank you for your comment. we are glad you enjoy our blog! to be honest, answering this question is difficult from my perspective as a heterosexual (as well as my sisters). the church has guidelines about this, and you can learn more about that by going here:

    everyone is entitled to be loved, love, and find happiness.


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