I, triplet #1 Kylie, moved to Ecuador.
I said my goodbyes to Peru and headed up north.
We now live in a quiet and peaceful little town called Ibarra.
It is a few hours from the border of Colombia and the capitol Quito.
Quite a refreshing change from tourist-filled Cusco. 
We absolutely LOVE Ecuador! It is SUCH a beautiful country. The grass is green, the sky is blue and the cloud coverage hangs over the volcano to make an awesome view outside my apartment. My favorite part is that Ibarra is not touristed, so we really get to know the people better. I am filming and photographing for another NGO called Self-Reliant Agriculture. They are AWESOME - check out their site here to learn more. They primarily work with families to grow their own gardens and sustain their own families.

My FAVORITE part of my new job is going to communities! We get to visit communities in the valley every single day. This means we're spending time cruising around outside checking out gardens and talking with families. ADORABLE families, might I add. There are lots of farm animals around, and tons of little baby piggies and puppies.  Holding this puppy was a dream come true - I seriously melt every time I see one.

My friend over there is laughing because I gush over every "baby thing" around me. That includes real human babies. I just can't get enough of them. Small things and little people are always so adorable. Babies in general.
 Here is one of the families we are working with - showing off their beautiful garden! They are new to the program, and are doing an amazing job. The people are so open and kind, always smiling and laughing. I love that we speak Spanish all day - no English here! YAHOO! Good practice for me to finally start getting the language down!
At the end of the day, my hubs and I decided we needed a family photo. Here's the whole gang. We visited with 7 families, not all pictured here, but these guys hung out with us all day showing us around. The kids are hilarious. It was pretty sunny and hot at times, and I loved to watch them dip their heads in the creeks to cool off. I think everyone's highlight of the day was the puppies. Who doesn't love puppies? Oh my. 
And lastly, la abuela. I love this little lady. She had the sweetest softest little smile. I love how the Ecuadorian women wear gold necklaces and cool hats. Their style of dress is so flattering. We love working so closely with these families here in Ecuador. I highly recommend this kind of immersion when you're traveling - you FEEL GOOD inside and when the day is done, you know you've done some good too.
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  1. sure am, luisa! glad you stopped by :)

  2. you need to go to cochas! most amazing community EVER... outside of ibarra.

  3. Awesome that you did this post! Im thinking of doing a volunteer trip in Ecuador! :)

  4. this is just lovely. i love that last pic so so much!

  5. Love the pictures! Its sounds amazing! thanks for sharing : )

  6. This is all so beautiful. Sounds like a lovely place. Also love the look of the blog. Well done!

  7. yay! can't wait to hear more! that last picture is priceless.

  8. hey! I'm from Ecuador. I have never been to ibarra though. not even quito. gosh dang it!

  9. oh wow!!! travelling triplets! and you're one of them! how amazing!!!! love your blog!

  10. OHHHH! so happy to found you!... I can't believed you were here!... and you are talking about my city in your blog.. Ibarra it's a very small city but it's so beautiful.. I had butterflies in my stomach when I read this post!.. how amazing is this!.. love it..
    P.s. It's me the girl from instagram :)


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