Destination: McCall and Cascade, Idaho / Lodging: condo and VW Westfalia

Oh my gosh, summer is almost over! At least my dang allergies are saying so.

Last weekend we visited McCall with some friends and spent our time on the lake.
No jumping off cliffs for me, but it was my first time on a wake skate!
We also managed to pick some huckleberries and not eat them all before we got home.

This week we decided to go to the mountains again and try surfing at Kelly's Whitewater Park.
So Drew, Jimmy and I headed to Cascade and spent the day on the river.
Did you even know you can surf on rivers? Yep, an old wise man showed us the way.
We spent the night camping in our Westy, wishing we had remembered to pack a lighter and some games.
Instead we all three snuggled to a Mel Gibson movie and fell asleep parked in the front yard of my grandparent's cabin.

Summer may be coming to an end, but we're not gonna stop having fun.

PS-isn't Jimmy the coolest? Seriously.
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7 comments on CASCADE & MCCALL

  1. thank you so much nicole! :) fall is so beautiful - lots to look forward to!

  2. Those sleeping quarters are adorable!

  3. How fun! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! :)


  4. cutest people ever. period. end of story.

    ps. tears on summer almost being over. :(

  5. Looks so fun.. and the picture of you water skiing is awesome :)


  6. awww so fun :)


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