Last weekend Spencer and I decided to take a quick getaway trip to Quito. 
Quito is a 2-hr bus ride from Ibarra, which costs a mere $2.50 per person! Excellent price.
It is a very clean and modern city - with palm trees and cobbled streets and a variety of restaurants. The only down side is, Quito is expensive! We couldn't afford any shopping there - the prices were inflated compared to what you'd find in the states.

Once we arrived, it was late on a Friday night. We found a hostal called Nassau Hostal, 
run by a friendly married couple for $8/night per person. The rooms were comfortable and spacious, and we had a shared bathroom and shower. In South America most hostals charge per person rather than per room, and this is one of the cheapest you will find. It was definitely worth it - they had a book shelf to trade books and a quaint little fireplace and a couch to lounge with other backpackers. Nassau Hostal was very safe and quiet - tucked back far enough that you can't hear the hustle and bustle from the streets. We highly recommend it when you come to Quito!
 We woke up on Saturday morning and planned our day. Instead of paying for taxis, which can be up to $8 in Quito, we decided to do everything by foot. It allowed for us to see more of the city and quite enjoy being outside. Taxis in most places cost $1 for shorter rides, but in Quito you have to be sure to find taxis with a meter otherwise they will charge you around $6-8. There is a trolly as well, which costs only 25 cents and goes to pretty much anywhere you'd need to go.

The morning was spent exploring parks. It was fun to see all the families out with their kiddos, and everyone enjoying a morning jog with their puppies or playing soccer on the field. There are a lot of bike paths in Quito, too and road biking is very popular there. We saw tons of people outside enjoying the open air and getting some exercise - quite inspiring to get out and MOVE and bring your puppy along!
 In the public parks they have stands for all kinds of goodies. Of course my favorite is cotton candy for 75 cents. I LOVE this stuff! There are also hotdog, fruit, and drink stands intermixed with carnival-like games for the little ones. Everyone seemed to be having a good weekend in Quito - I saw old ladies dancing in the park and puppies that looked like lions chasing frisbees. There is definitely a good vibe in the air.
 Quito has Papa Johns, Pizza Hot and Dominos Pizza. Spencer and I were relieved - we looooove our pizza, and definitely found the $3 personal pan pizzas well-worth the trip. We also decided to see the new Harry Potter movie in theatre, since Quito has a cinema, and the tickets each cost $4.80 on weekends. Cheaper than the states! We walked up and down these streets many times, and by the end of the day our feet were sore and blistered and our legs throbbed. Once we got back to our hostal, we crashed on the bed and fell asleep into a peaceful slumber. It was a great weekend in Quito - good food, nice people, and just a few short hours away from our home in Ibarra.

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4 comments on A WEEKEND IN QUITO

  1. sounds like a great getaway!

  2. Traveling TripletsFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    what a fun weekend! you make me want to go to south america!

  3. Awesome! My husband served an LDS mission in Quito (and surrounding area). It was fun to see a few pics of the place!

  4. pretty girl. i want that cotton candy. long hair. miss you


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