we're off to see the west coast this week!
this time we get to bring along our new best friend, jimmy.
hub surprised me with a doggy for my birthday.
i had been looking for the perfect pup but couldn't seem to find him.
until one day i opened our front door and out came a huge dreaded fur ball of happiness!
i couldn't believe there was a cute old cocker spaniel hidden under all those curls.
jimmy, previously known as rizzo (we don't use the r word), needed a new and loving home.
now his tail can't seem to stop wagging.
i always say he is the birthday gift that keeps on giving.
we love having jimmy and are so excited to hop in our vw bus in search for some good waves.
and we'll be sure to share any helpful tips for traveling with dogs we learn along the way.
a dog certainly changes things.
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5 comments on A DOG CHANGES THINGS

  1. Awww!he is soooo cute!I've always wanted a cocker spaniel.Have fun!Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. The Artist Who Never StarvedFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Awww I love doggies! They are great travel companions! : ) your dog is adorable.

  3. Just wait until you have kiddies! They really change things, but in the greatest way. They're a whole new kind of adventure! Safe travels! Can't wait to meet Jimmy!

  4. *laughs* I was just thinking this on Saturday-- I went to Monterey with friends and as we were walking the beaches and Cannery Row, I couldn't help but feel like I was missing something. Because every other time I'd been to those same places, I'd been with my parents and our dog! People don't smile at you as much when you don't have a dog with you!

  5. Aww, Jimmy is PRECIOUS! I would love to hear and see more about him, as well as travelling with dogs. I have a dog and am pretty dog-obsessed, so my interest in your blog (which was already pretty high) has now skyrocketed. Hhaa.



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