If you ever find yourself on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, you must visit this place. It is gorgeous, enlightening, and will really make you want to travel to Asia. This beautiful Buddhist Temple is located in Kaneohe.

You are able to walk around freely and enjoy the sites. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, Japanese Gardens and ponds full of ducks, koi and happy turtles. And don't forget the awesome bamboo forest!

Next to the temple is an awesome little gift shop (which I am standing in front of) full of adorable trinkets from Asia. You name it, they got it. They even have some beverages and snacks if you are hungry!

This picture is right outside the entry area of the temple. It is so peaceful. Don't forget to read the signs and remove your shoes. Please pay your respect, remain quiet and offer some incense.

The temple is absolutely stunning. 

Don't forget on your way out to flip a coin and make a wish. GOOD LUCK!!
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5 comments on VALLEY OF TEMPLES

  1. my favorite place! we'd go there almost every sunday when we lived in la'ie.

  2. which sister are you? ;)
    I've never been to Hawaii but I want to go sooooooooo bad! :)

  3. i am lisa! the engaged one!!

  4. Cool, looks peaceful and beautiful. We will check it out next spring!

  5. yay dad! it will be so fun. cant wait for that visit :) and me graduating FINALLY. too bad i still will have school afterwards though :(


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