mmmmm.... nothing better than a deep breath of fresh salty air!
last summer hub and i (megan) packed our car and went back to visit his home state of washington.
i vow to live by the ocean someday.
it's so easy to picture myself running on the beach with my cute dog jimmy
and getting home just in time for breakfast or a salty kiss goodbye
from hub before he heads off to work after an early morning surf session.
yep, that sounds ideal! 
have you ever heard of oysterville
located near long beach, lies a quaint historic town called oysterville.
and a smelly one. there are piles and piles of oysters throughout the town and along the sea shore.
the homes are so cute with their picket fences and informational signs.
i think it would be a fun place to live if you don't mind the smell!

on this roadtrip we decided to try and find anything claimed as the "world's largest."
long beach is pretty dang long. it is lined with beach grass and beach houses.
what i love about the washington coast is the cool breeze and smell
that suddenly fills me with the desire to ride in a sail boat or do something crafty. 
can you see me?
there i am, at the bottom left.
standing with the worlds largest spruce tree! 
one of many world's largest trees we found.
i think forks needs to thank twilight for giving it a reason to exist.
or a booming economy.
i gladly ate off the twilight menu every chance i had.
forks really is as gloomy and mysterious as it looks on the twilight movies.
next adventure up was our coastal hike along rialto beach.
the beach was made of colorful stones and driftwood washed smooth from ocean waves.
we were able to see hole in the wall and birdies and other sea life.
check out this camp site we found.
cozy. quiet. perfect.
right next to the beach! 
we made ourselves a fire out of damp firewood and ate salami and cheese under the stars.
i love falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves.
after many nights sleeping in our car and camping when it wasn't ridiculously expensive,
we took the ferry and headed to seattle.
this was my first time to pike's place market and i was blown away.
i could have been there all day exploring vendors and purchasing trinkets.
we ate delicious thai food for two in the market for only $8! 
i want to go back and eat some right now.
the space needle! we really wanted to go inside and eat up in there,
but we decided it wasn't worth the price. maybe we were wrong.
if you've done it please tell me if it's worth it and we will go back!
to get around downtown we took the bus and left our car in the parking lot
for around $10 before we hopped on the ferry to seattle. 
we found the buses to be cheap and were able to do some shopping
and exploring in china town. after nightfall, we headed back to catch the ferry. 
isn't the view magical?
seattle was awesome.
washington is beautiful.
i'd do it again.
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23 comments on TO SEATTLE!

  1. Ahh Seattle looks so fun... and that camping spot looks perfect!!! I have to ask... where did you get that darling sweater/jacket???

  2. I was only in Seattle for a day, and the Space Needle is one of things we did. We went up to the top and took a million pictures, but we didn't eat inside. For a first timer spending only a short time in the city, it was a great way to get it all in at once!

  3. Traveling TripletsFebruary 8, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    i got it at forever 21, i know it was an awesome find :) thanks!

  4. WOW. beautiful. i adore this post, megs. i really want to do a roadtrip exactly like this with you and drew when we get back. deal?

  5. that campsite is indeed absolutely magical... love it!

  6. Washington is VERY beautiful... but I'm a little biased! I've visited Long Beach a million times and I've never heard of Oysterville! Thanks for the tip!

  7. I'm from just north of Seattle and lived there from birth until I moved out for college. I miss it there a lot sometimes! Your pictures are beautiful, it's awesome that you got to explore so much of the western part of the state! P.S. Been wearing one of your watches on my blog lately. Love it!

    amy day to day

  8. Seattle is one of my favorite cities!! We went in September, and the weather was absolutely rain, which wasn't what I expected.

    I actually bought a ticket to go to the top of the Space Needle, but completely chickened out and had to sell my ticket to someone else. Haha, thought I could suck up my fear of heights, but apparently not!

  9. I love Seattle! I'm from Redmond. Great post and come back soon.

  10. Seattle is one of my fave places to go! The Crab Shack is my favorite restaurant. It's awesome to see people of all types there, dressed fancy or in jeans and tee's all having bibs on and cracking crab legs with a mallet.

  11. I was born and raised in Washington state, but currently live in California. If you ever go back make sure to go to Alki Beach, follow Beach Drive (where I used to live) and make your way to La Rustica for the best authentic Italian food. Then keep heading down Beach Drive to the Fauntleroy Ferry! It's a beautiful area with a great walking path in Lincoln Park.

  12. Ahhh! Seattle! We live just across the water and I love going there, especially to market! Now I'm itching to take a day trip...or maybe a night trip. That last picture is beautiful!

  13. For my senior trip some of my friends took a girls trip to Seattle and we did eat at the top of the Space Needle. You were asking if it was worth it, and if you want my honest opinion, I thought it was WAY overpriced for what you got. Although the food was good and the view was nice, I think you made a smart decision to save your money and not eat up there.

  14. So weird for you to do a post on Seattle. I am indeed a Seattlite. Isn't that what they call it? :) I was born and raised in Bonney Lake and work/ go to school in Seattle.

  15. thanks for the tip dawn :)

  16. your skin was glistening in all those photos ;) like diamonds even!

  17. and how do you like it?? is space needle restaurant worth it?

  18. My dad lives in Seattle, and my husband and I have been there a few times. On first year anniversary, we went back to Seattle and ate in the space needle because he proposed to me in Seattle (after getting my dad's blessing :D). That was my second time eating in the space needle, the first time was with my dad. It is QUITE expensive, because you have to pay for the ride up, and the food is quite pricey. I'm also scared of heights, so there were so challenging moments for me with that. Still, I think it was worth it. You get an amazing view, but it's not necessarily about the view. It's a *REVOLVING RESTAURANT*. I think that's just really cool. You're usually there long enough to have it revolve fully at least once, so you get the full scenery. The menu is much cheaper, and still yummy, during the day, so that's when we went. You can also presumably see farther and see the water, sail boats, etc. At nighttime, though, you would get to see the city lights, which would be pretty cool. But I wouldn't want to even think about how much that costs. For me, it was very worth it, but I don't know if it would be worth it to you. If you're mainly a But if you're a die-hard romantic...yes. Haha. Getting to see the view was really important to my hubs, and we will probably eat in the space needle whenever we go back. Maybe. IF YOU GO, ORDER THE SMOKING ICE CREAM. It's over dry ice, and it just pouuuurs steam, and it is the coolest looking thing I've ever eaten. I can't recall the name, it's something to do with a planet, but if you ask, or read the desert menu, you'll find it.

  19. awesome! thank you so much for sharing :) love the pictures too! we loooooove ice-cream so we will definitely have to get that next time. yes, we are deal hunters but we also don't want to miss out on an epic/cultural experience such as this you described. thanks again!


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