Ahhh.... looks nice doesn't it?
Last year hub and I (Megan) back packed through Central America.
The pictures above were taken in Roatan, Honduras.
Also known as absolute paradise.
But paradise comes with it's nuisances apparently.
And they itch, really bad. 

Anywhere in the world with lots of moisture usually equals cozy environment for pesky bugs.
Pesky bugs that want to either suck your blood or just take a bite,
leaving you with a nasty irresistible itch.
Common pests include mosquitos, bed bugs, spiders and sand flies.

It became a routine for me while traveling to wear bug spray and anti-itch cream.
And more power to me if there was a mosquito net!
Bugs didn't seem to bother hub a bit. Maybe he tastes bad?
 I came home from Central America with a nice mysterious rash on my leg that lasted far too long as well as small hard bumps that seemed to itch forever.
Not your typical mosquito bite.
If I itched too much they would ooze a mysterious clear liquid, so resist it if you can! I obviously can't.
And not to mention the nice little bumpy trail an itty bitty bed bug left on my arm.
He must have been thirsty.

Yes, there were some nights where I didn't sleep much.
And I don't think the light flutter of insect leggies was all in me head!

So to deal with it I purchased anti-itch cream for a ridiculous amount. 
Once we got home I went to the Doctor for a prescription.
The rashes eventually went away.
I am still alive.
I have been humbled.
And I have some funny stories I will never forget.
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  1. The summer before last my hubs and i backpacked through central america too!!! We spent like almost a week in Roatan!!!! Your right it is AMAZING! We have some pretty crazy stories about bugs too, like sleeping in a bed literally infested with FLEAS and TICKS!!!!! We shared a very small cot thingy because we were laying in our bed for a few minutes and seriously there was like 20 ticks on each of us (no joke)!!! Ha ha, we couldn't stop laughing, and we stayed at that place for 4 nights!!!!! It sounds so gross, but it one of our fav memories from the trip!!!



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