oh, smiley makes me so smiley.

back in summer of 2008 lisa and i (megan) 
worked at a cute little place called smiley creek lodge.
it is but a spec on a map with a handful of interesting people we grew to love.
smiley creek lodge is located between sun valley (ketchum) and stanley idaho.
this cute place lies at the base of the beautiful sawtooth mountains!

if you are ever in the area or passing through, 
stop to eat at good old smiley creek lodge for us. 
they are famous for their thick milk shakes, mmmmm!

smiley creek lodge is a gas station, store, restaurant, rv park, and hotel all in one.
we started out working as housekeepers, tending to rooms above the restaurant 
in a cozy loft as well as the teepees and cabins outside. 
[there are also camping/trailer spots available for lodging, see website for more details]
then we upgraded to serving as waitresses. waitresses who got to wear 
tie dye to work and eat endless bacon, french fries and milk shakes!

it was da life.

one special day, kylie came to visit us after her honeymoon 
in costa rica and before her venture to china.
we were happy to show her our tree hugger ways.
she seemed to be amused by the creepy old cabin we shared 
with several other employees at the lodge.
the bare necessities is all you need in smiley.
which means no internet and no cell phone service.

oh yes, peace and quiet...
nothing but the sounds of birds chirping and thunder rolling, 
and maybe your roommate "pumping iron" with a stump he found outside.

we definitely recommend stopping by smiley creek lodge 
if you're going to idaho this summer!
you've got sun valley and stanley nearby for 
other entertainment and cell phone service.

mountain biking, road biking, fishing, hiking, skiing, 
snowmobiling, paddle boarding, kayaking, rafting, 
camping, boating, and anything outdoorsy galore!
now can you see why smiley makes us smiley?
go there and tell them the fly girls sent ya!
...and eat some ice-cream. make that lots of ice-cream.
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4 comments on SMILEY CREEK LODGE

  1. Oh my. You ladies rock. And make me miss Idaho! Loved this post, love the sawtooths, love Idaho! Love your blog!

  2. how cute...what a sweet post. :)

  3. wow this made me really miss smiley creek. such good memories, times, and life lessons learned here :) great cozy place in BEAUTIFUL mother nature!


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