i (megan) mentioned the highlight of my trip to nicaragua before, volcano boarding
but i can't help feeling like i cut nicaragua short.
so here are a few more details...
we crossed the border from costa rica to nicaragua.
our first stop was a popular tourist town called granada.
granada is famous for its beautiful colorful buildings and holds the largest lake in central america.
in central america the best way to get around is by bus to save money, and taxi when necessary.
here we spent our time site seeing and browsing through the market.
 another city we explored was called leon.
we stayed at hotel america where we had our own large room and bathroom.
we ended up staying here longer than expected and even caught a movie one night.
mostly because drew got sick, but that just meant i had more pastries to eat.
central america has the best bakeries!
next we headed to the coast, san juan del sur.
featuring long and flat beaches with perfect rolling waves.
we had a blast exploring this little surf town.
not to mention we found the coolest hostel ever called mama sara.
mama sara really will treat you like on of her own.
she made us a home cooked meal and served us fresh squeezed lemonade.
i loved mama sarah.
and then there's las penitas.
a small beach town with the craziest waves ever.
these waves crash at every direction so if you surf you better be good!
it's dangerous waters with strong currents. 
no wonder the beach is made of crushed sea shells! 
it's beautiful and you can spend hours finding little treasures to take home.
here we stayed at a hostel called oasis right on the beach.
oasis had hammocks, a restaurant/bar, and private rooms.
see more on nicaragua here.
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5 comments on MORE ON NICARAGUA

  1. Hey! I'm back - my 6 weeks in Nicaragua was amazing! I ended up spending about a month in Las Penitas and I just absolutely fell in love with it. We did surf, although the week we got there was the biggest swell of the year, so we waited a bit to get into it. I did learn though, and it was so great! The guys that took us surfing were the nicest people, they would come out with us everyday or just let us tag along when they went, and we even got to know the place well enough we could surf around the rocks where there were good waves. oh, and we even stayed at oasis for one weekend, too! It was great. The rest of the month we stayed at a new place that would let us use their kitchen, since we were there for so long.
    Thanks for inspiring me to go! I can't wait to go back!!

    I wrote a bit about our trip + pictures on my blog - :)

  2. hahaha i love drews spanish accent. so funny. hahaha. fav part of video for sure. you guys are so cute. we want to go to nicaragua so bad. wish you guys were here to enjoy ecuador with us! you are such a cutie on that volcano, megs. love you sis.

  3. FANTASTIC I LOVE! i want to go :)!

  4. I just found this post from your nicaragua picture on Pinterest - and I was so excited to see & read it, I'm flying into Managua on Oct 4th! It's my first time travelling anywhere, me and a friend are heading down. And we're actually planning to head up to Leon first but then mostly go over to Las Penitas too, probably for the first month at least. We both are beginner surfers and just want to learn and practice everyday, and from some websites I read it's a good place to start, but after reading you're post I'm a bit more hesitant, haha! What time of year did you go?

  5. hi paulina! awesome that is so exciting! sounds like you're going some places we went. i'm just going to be honest, las penitas was seriously crazy. we went in july-august during rain season. the waves were heavy and there were serious rip tides. i did see another part of the beach with surfers, and there were guys offering lessons. so i'm sure they know of a good place to take beginners. good luck! you should let us know how your trip goes! you will love surfing and nicaragua is awesome.


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