HOLA!!!! Check it out, its me Lisa, triplet numero dos! A couple summers back I went on a fun adventure that just needs to be shared. If you ever find yourself in the tippy top point of Texas in the little city of Harlingen this is a must do! Venture south about twenty minutes and you hit MEXICO! Park in the lot next to the gates and you are on your way to adventure and ANOTHER country!! Easy enough. Don't forget to bring your birth certificate, ID and of course a friend! 
When I was in Mexico I visited a little town called Nuevo Progreso. I was with a friend and we had a fun time exploring colorful buildings and looking at vendors of hand-made trinkets, jewelry and clothing. There were many dentist offices and bright and happy colored buildings! We bought a colorful blanket and a few pretty rings to take home. Buenos Dias!
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4 comments on MEXICO

  1. Cool! ( and it's hot there?) I have never been to Mexico neither USA, but i would love to someday. I like the colors, i saw in anywhere pictures about them. Looking forward for your photos there, also the blanket!

  2. how fun lissy! i remember when you went there :) i need to go to mexico! you're gonna love the bahamas!

  3. Wow that looks like so much fun!That is such a beautiful fountain and I love your hat!Sierra

  4. Hey there, found your blog through Spencer"s and Kylie's blog. You gals do some serious traveling, very awesome. I'm hoping that in December I have enough to go to the Caribbean to DR and do a bit of travel there. Well enjoy your travels and look forward to more of your posts:-)


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