In Laie, HI where I (triplet #2, Lisa) currently reside is a fun little hike that all must do! It takes 3-4 hours if you complete the entire hike. So be prepared with some snacks and water. It is known to hikers as a fairly easy trail. The trailhaid is located on Poohaili Street, just up the road from Laie Neighborhood Park. 

It will take you through some beautiful grasslands, awesome pine forests with great camping spots, red dirt mountains, paths surrounded by beautiful trees and tip top view of Laie and ending at a beautiful waterfall. 

Feel free to take a refreshing dip!
We had fun. You should too!!
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2 comments on LAIE FALLS, HI

  1. sweetheart Adam has promised to take me to Hawaii some day :) and we'll definitely be adding the trail off Poohaili Street to our list of things to do while in paradise :)

    your photos are awesome lisa! looks like you and the hubs-to-be have a blast together!


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