Gotta love China and all that comes with it.
We need more ridiculous advertisements instead of slutty womens with little clothings on.
Ya know what I'm saying?

I'd much rather look at a giraffe or a full grown man
dressed up like a rabbit than look at Pamela Slutterson.
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7 comments on JUST BECAUSE

  1. hahaHA!! agreed.

  2. 100% completely agree with that thought.

  3. amen girl!!!

    {and so true about China's advertisements. always keeping you laughing!}

  4. hahaha so true. love this. youre so cute ky. i miss you bad

  5. Baha! China is too funny! What a special place, right? You all have been able to do some amazing travel. Very cool! I'm a traveler person too, living in Tallinn, Estonia, so you can totally check out our adventure on my blog... Estonia is verrrry different from China :)


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