I'm Kylie on the right.
That's Megan hugging me.
We were just little pip-squeeks.

Last week Megan shared her story of dependency and early adulthood,
and it reminded me of some funny facts about me.
Everyone has their quirks.
I especially had some funky stuff going on.

I was a bit uptight growing up.

When I was about 7 years old I started doing my hair by myself.
If you know anything about our hair, you know our hair is pretty dang wild.
We have naturally curly hair. As little girls, we lived in braids.
Whether it was pigtails, french braids, side braids, corn rows, it didn't matter.

We even got paid by our fellow basketball team members
to do their braids before game days. 
We were that awesome.


When I started doing my own hair I also developed some serious control issues.
Everyone could tell me apart because I was the triplet  who pulled her hair back so tight 
my eyes were real slanty and pointy. I clearly remember walking down the hallways and when the breeze hit my face, my eyes would water and burn because my hair was so tight.
I would even slick down the sides until they were perfectly smooth,
with no ripples or bumps or fly aways in sight.
Hair spray was my best friend.

To top it off - I wore an incredibly stylish beaded bow 
that dominated half my head and made me look like a craft disaster. 
Let's just say my mother "was concerned."
After my hair phase chilled out, I developed new control issues.

When I was in middle school I was pretty sure I had every disease in the book.
Perhaps it was a little bit of OCD mixed with hypochondria - 
but whatever it was, it was all in me head!

I was 99.99% sure I was going to throw up and catch the flu every night. 
I was paranoid about getting sick, and known as the frantic girl with the Fantastik 
cleaning spray wiping all the doorknobs and handles to disinfect everything every Saturday. When my brothers/sisters got sick, I either wore a mask or a bandanna over my mouth "to protect myself." Hopefully once I'm a mother I'll stop doing that.

I am the first to flee the scene when people get sick to this day.
But I definitely got better - I don't lose sleep over fear of getting sick anymore.
And I'm positive I don't have any other disorders that I used to fear.
So, we do grow out of our weird phases after all.
I've turned out pretty normal... I think.
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5 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. this is so funny and so true. i still remember the calendar ;)

  2. hahahaha ky. so funny. i was gonna use this pic to talk about my awkward phase of how i grew up faster than you guys! but it's pretty obvious ;)

  3. Your paragraph about the slicked back ponytails sounds IDENTICAL to how I used to be...haha glad I wasn't the only one that used to do this. :)

  4. You gotta love that stage in life, ha ha! I wanted to be a boy. Photos of me during those few years are really funny & make me feel bad for my parents!


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