yep, you're seeing that right.
we were in high school marching band.
except we were cool. cool band nerds do exist!
while we were looking awesome in our uniforms and feather plumes all our friends were playing football and making out with their boyfriends under the bleachers.

we got ten minutes of freedom from the bleachers to let down our suspenders
and put on our beanies in any attempt to appear as cool as possible.
at that time we would grab our hot dogs and meet up with friends
who weren't ashamed of us.
then our band instructor would hunt us down
if we were a minute late to warm ups before our halftime show.
we had to be there ready to march in our awesome rolly shoes
without a spec of dirt on our jackets.
expect no less from a district winning marching band.

there were a few cool things about being in band despite what some may say...

1) talent- it takes skill to march in perfect formation while
playing memorized songs by the styx
2) band trips and competitions- we went to washington d.c., disney land,
and different parts of california and washington
3) band camp- just kidding band camp sucked

kylie tooted on her trumpet
while lisa went to town on her snare
and i smacked a bass drum like the energizer bunny.
good times we had in marching band.
getting yelled at over the intercom and hiding under our hats from the "hotties."
somehow we juggled work, school, soccer, basketball, church, socializing and band.
we turned out pretty cool, right?
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7 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Awesome! I was in Color Guard (otherwise teased as being in "Cattle Guard"). We loved the band members! I loved it! And yes, you turned out pretty cool!

  2. Love this! I, too, was in band in high school and when I look back some of my greatest memories involved band, the trips, marching, competitions. But yes, band camp, that was killer, so hot!
    Thanks for sharing!
    And I would def say y'all turned out pretty cool, but I think I turned out pretty cool, too, so who kows! :)

  3. My boyfriend was in the band and he was pretty much the ONLY cool person in that thing! haha But he loved it and I liked watching him. I loved that 15 minutes they got off for 3rd quarter. Cute post!

  4. I think marching band is cool! Maybe I would have been in it if I wasn't a cheerleader, especially since being in marching band meant you were excused from taking P.E. Haha. You girls definitely turned out great.

  5. hahahaha oh my gosh everything about this post made me laugh and it is all SO TRUE! brought back so many memories. man we look like babies in that picture. pig tails? are you kidding me? haha ill never forget the day steve anderson called us out on purpose. what a punk. and of all days it was the day we had to wear ponchos. . . ridiculous :)

  6. also we went to seattle every year too! and kennewick!

  7. thanks rebecca :) its ok, you were too busy being a hot popular cheerleader ;)


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