if you like to deck your wrists out with traveling bracelets like us,
then you're going to love these handmade leather wrap bracelets! (as seen on honestly wtf)
miranda of a hearts delight has a great product we are excited to share with you.
a product that gives back to children in need!
miranda recently returned from haiti where she helped fundraise for an orphanage.
while working there she began to make these bracelets 
and sells them for only $3.50 a piece!

with every bracelet you buy, you feed one child at this orphanage.
the bracelets come in different colors and are adjustable to fit any wrist size.
be sure to check out her shop and buy some of these special bracelets!
it's a small price to pay to make a big difference.
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3 comments on A HEARTS DELIGHT

  1. That is sooo cool!!!And those are awesome bracelets!

  2. so cool! the blog honestlywtf has a DIY on the bracelets with the "S".. great idea for a great cause.


  3. Cute i love these so much! Did we all get some??!!


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