STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN is truly a majestic and incredible hike!
if you live on the island of oahu or plan on visiting sometime soon,
traveling triplets encourages you to make this midnight adventure happen. 

stairway to heaven (read more about it here) has about 4,000 steps that 
go straight up. you are literally climbing tiny rickety ladder
up the jungle covered mountain with sheer cliffs on either side.
when you hike stairway, it is wise to wake up around 3 am to be inside the gates 
by 5 am. there is a security guard who hangs out at the bottom,
but we found that he welcomes us in and even shows us the way.

we usually park in a neighborhood and then walk to the trailhead.
bring a headlamp so you can see where you're going.
after doing the ultimate elliptical workout, you will be stoked to be at the top.
if you make it up in time, you can see the sunrise
over the entire kaneohe bay and it is a STUNNING view!

what to bring:

- snacks to eat at the top 
- water bottle
- head lamp
- granola bars
- camera
- a light rain jacket

i know, i know.
it's hard to wake up in the middle of the night to go on an 
but i promise you, it will be worth it every time.
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2 comments on STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

  1. love this, so wish i could have done this while we were there!

  2. This hike looks truly awesome! I hope I can do it one day!

    Love your blog! So cool!
    Rambles with Reese


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