one day we were feeling rather spontaneous and decided 
to take a road trip to portland, oregon.
it had been too long since we've seen the ocean.
within a couple hours we were on our way!

there wasn't very much planning that went in to this excursion, 
it being spontaneous and all.
so we went camping. 
a reader has asked where to camp for cheap in oregon...
oregon has several beautiful and affordable camp sites, 
check out this website here for more info.

we camped at a campsite right on the border of oregon 
and washington in a small town called the dalles right next to the river.
we paid $9 for our spot and scored some free firewood!

with the moonlight peeking through our tents, we fell asleep to the stars
and woke up to cool fresh air and a campsite full of geese.
oregon is so beautiful. anywhere you decide to camp in oregon will be a good choice.
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2 comments on OREGON COAST

  1. spontaneous road trips are the absolute best! love that last picture ;)

  2. ooo the dalles is gorgeous!!!! funnnnnnnnnn


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