if you're ever driving through idaho and 
are needing a break, pull over at mile marker 4.
skinny dipper hot springs is the perfect place to go.
about 45 minutes from boise towards horseshoe bend and a 15 minute hike
lies three perfectly hot pools with a breathtaking view.
this weekend we spent a cool rainy day soaking until we turned into raisins.
remember to pick up after yourself and help maintain the hot springs.
if we don't, they will be blown up and destroyed.
do your part to keep nature clean so we can all continue 
to enjoy some nice warm bubbly.
ps-we idaho girls have been going here a long time. 
sometimes you just might run into old naked dudes! 
consider yourself warned.
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5 comments on MILE MARKER 4

  1. hahaha so funny!! naked dippers, cant avoid em! love this hot springs! fun post. made me realllllly miss idaho.

  2. haha old naked people. love it. this is a fun post and always a fun trip. our bodies look good! :)

  3. i just added this to my to do before 35 list! =)

  4. love this! as a veteran idaho girl hotspringer - the naked old men! so true! i just found this blog via the daybook - i'll be back for sure : )

  5. oh how i took idaho for advantage. so glad we grew up in a low key beautiful place.


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