after a year of planning and preparation,
kylie has landed in the beautiful city of cusco, peru.
safe and sound. all on her own.

although it wasn't an easy experience, we salute her for her bravery.
she is living in a small shared apartment with a colorful window
for a ceiling and poopy rats for friends.
she describes it as looking like a green house.

by day it is sunny and warm and by evening it is pitch black and cool.
so she snuggles in her layers and crawls in her bed, gazing at the stars
to the sounds of a hungry tummy and dogs howling.
the view is quite something, rolling hills and broken down buildings.
everything is a hike, from point a to point b.
so after a good workout she flops in her bed,
and dreams of peanut butter while looking for the silver lining in clouds.
before we know it, kylie will be speaking spanish and
drinking brown water like it's no big deal.
thankfully she has internet, and we look forward to
hearing more of her adventure soon.
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3 comments on KYLIE HAS LANDED!

  1. SAFE TRAVELS to you......enjoy your experience.....only drink brown water if it has been purified:) Love you!

  2. how long are you going to be in Peru for?

  3. kylie will be in peru until december, if not earlier :)


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