Are you a more solo type of traveler? A Traveling Triplets follower has asked whether or not we would feel comfortable doing parts of Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali coast alone... Here's what we have to say.

NO! Ha!

When I backpacked Kaua'i I was not alone. I was with my husband. Frankly, I'm not a very independent person - being a triplet and all, it has been nearly impossible for me to ever be alone. Everything I learned in life from washing my own clothes to driving cars was done with two other giggly girls by my side. We did everything together. Once I got married, it was a smooth and easy transition to being with a man all the time. I've never had to do anything alone - but I am also the type of person that HATES being alone. SO... depending on what kind of a person you are, you may enjoy it or you may not. As for what I would recommend - I would never recommend a girl go hike Na Pali coast by herself... no way! Find a friend!

Kalalau trail is incredible - if you're in for a real adventure you can do what we did, and kayak it. This cuts your time from about 2 days of hiking to 3 hours of paddling. Which would you prefer? However, you have to consider the fee to rent a kayak. Fortunately for us, we were able to get ours for free from a friend living on the island.

Public transportation to trailheads - there is none! Busses won't let you on with a big pack. I recommend hitch hiking - that is what most people do, and when you're in that area near the trailhead there are people all over going to do the exact same trip as you that you can join. It's easy to hop in the bed of a truck Hawaii style, and people are so chill about helping a backpacker out. If you're nervous about hitch hiking, you're stuck with renting a car. That can be expensive and annoying - especially since you have to leave it at the base and won't be back for a few days.

All in all, you will be safer on the trail with a buddy. If you can't find a friend, make some right away and hike with them. There are tons of hippies and awesome people living back there, and it won't be hard to hook up with other hikers. 
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5 comments on KAUA'I SOLO

  1. That first picture is absolutely amazing! When I finally get to visit Kaua'i I'll make sure I remember this ;)


  2. I absolutely agree - the pictures are magical!!

  3. We are going there in 2 1/2 months!!! Im so so excited I cannot wait! I rented a movie, " The perfect getaway", b/c it said it was filmed in Kauai...I didn't know it was about a killer, murdering couples on the Island, haha, but it was so beautiful and fun to see footage of the Island, so gorgeous! :)

  4. Loving that first picture! Cute yoga pose incorporation!


  5. haha i saw that movie when i got back and i was so glad i didn't watch it before - funny


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