while we're on the topic of honeymoons
let me (megan) share with you what we decided to do.
drew and i got married in 2009 and were ready for an adventure!
first, we chose a place none of us have ever been.
panama sounded fun and it's in central america so it's cheap!
we got our plane tickets with spirit airlines.
spirit is inexpensive so don't expect a nice spacious plane ride, but it's better than starting your marriage broke. 
second, we read travel books like lonely planet and plotted the places we wanted to go.
we aren't really planners. we're more the spontaneous type. 
but having a plan of at least what cities we wanted to go to helped.
we visited panama city, playa las lajas, david, bocas del toro and bastimento. 
third, we packed light. for packing tips click here.
mind you, our honeymoon was spent backpacking through panama and we got around by bus, boat or taxi.
we weren't laying by a pool on a big boat in the ocean. we were getting dirty and sleeping in hostels.
it may not sound ideal for a honeymoon, but it saved us a lot of money and we still were able to have an international experience.
as we backpacked through panama, we first would find a place to sleep and leave our bags while we explored. 
here we are only a boat ride away from the popular caribbean island bocas del toro. 
we spent a romantic valentines day at red frog beach.
we also made sure to visit some tourist sites. 
old panama city and the panama canal. 
the panama canal is a must see with interesting history behind it. 
it was fun waving at tiny people in the giant boats as they passed through the locks.
as you can see it wasn't exactly the traditional honeymoon, but it was perfect for us. 
if you need any help planning your honeymoon let us know, we'd love to help. 
honeymoons can still be romantic even if you're getting dirty!
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  1. Replies
    1. we felt very secure and of course there are some areas that might not be as safe, but we were kindly warned by locals to keep our belongings close :)

  2. it's looking really romantic place for honey moon and best place for couple


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