getting married soon and planning a honeymoon?
just looking around for a fun trip with your sweetheart?

we chose costa rica for our honeymoon because it is a tropical paradise
and said to be home to the happiest people on earth.
we found this to be true, and for obvious reasons.

we took the less paved path and visited small towns on the nicoya peninsula.
most of our time was spent at a beach house called
casa rosada, rented by our friend juan surfo
in the small town of nosara. 
it was quaint, quiet, and beautiful.
we surfed and tanned and explored the beaches,
and spent the rainy nights indoors playing games 
and enjoying one another's company to 
RADIO DOS, nosara's favorite radio station.

if you are looking for a place to stay in nosara, 
check out juan surfo's house rentals here.
they are affordable and awesome - and juan is such a cool guy.
it's easy to book ahead - but also easy to do upon arrival.

we took a 9-hr bus from san jose to nosara, and from there
rented a tiny little car for $250 from alamo for an entire week 
and explored the entire peninsula.
samara and la fortuna were among our favorites,
doing ziplines and visiting hotsprings 
as seen in previous posts here.

while you're at it, 
learn how to surf and check out some great deals on 
surf rentals and other activites here.
make your honeymoon worth it, 
without going broke at the beginning of your marriage.
good luck planning yours!
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  1. agreed! so rad you know juan - he is the man

  2. My fiance and I are in love with Nosara. Juan is the coolest guy ever. Such a small world. He's pretty much famous down there ;)


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