meet spencer.
meet drew.
meet chase.

spencer is married to kylie.
drew is married to megan.
and chase is lisa's boyfriend.
cute, right? we know.

i'm sure being lovey dovey with a triplet is not easy.
there have been times when they have felt neglected among our giddy reunions.
or times when they have gladly sacrificed their triplet to comfort a sister in need.
and there have been times when they have gotten flat out confused.

example 1:
we are all three walking into a bike shop, just hanging out.
spencer comes up from behind and gently strokes LISA'S lower back.
i witness this from behind and start laughing.
lisa quickly corrects him.

example 2:
we are all drinking hot chocolate at kylie's house.
kylie is sitting down and i am standing next to the table.
drew lovingly kisses KYLIE'S head from above.
i immediately think, c'mon husband i didn't even change my outfit!
and we all laugh.

example 3:
kylie is laying out on the beach reading.
a hot blonde with rather large pecs runs up to ky with a surfboard under his arm.
she wouldn't mind being lisa right now (wink).
he has a huge smile on his face and goes in for a hug.
NOT lisa.
we still laugh about this one.

so in the end it comes down to this...
boys are non-observant.
and identical triplets really do look alike.
 whether it is from behind, above or far away.
at least this will keep life entertaining for all of us, right?
you just don't forget moments like these.
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9 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. HILARIOUS! BEST TT POST EVER! i laughed and smiled the whole way through - well written, sis! so funny. love our boys.

  2. this is SO funny. hahaha. i love stories like this. so glad you shared! i had wondered if stuff like that happened with your husbands.

  3. Ha! These are so great! It's so funny to think about two carbon copies of myself that Mike might mix me up with - wild!

  4. this is so funny! now i kinda wished me and my sisters looked more alike so we could amuse ourselves with priceless moments like these ;)

  5. haha so true! these were some funny ones. you forgot the one about when you and drew were first dating and walked into our house thinking i was you and he was TOTALLY Looking straight at me and still couldnt tell haha! silly boys :)

  6. Totally laughing out loud!! Great post, you guys sound like so much fun!

  7. Ha ha I love these stories! They are so funny. People used to mistake me for my sis all the time too. Then I grew a foot taller and she cut off her hair :( However, it did happen once since then… We were all watching a youtube video, and my bro-in-law put his arm lovingly around me for like two minutes! I was so confused, and thought he may have been kidding. So, I just kept desperately trying to get my sister’s attention (longest two minutes ever). Then when he realized his mistake he not-so-lovely pushed me away and put his arm around my sister. He was embarrassed. I felt like a freak.

  8. This has happened to me multiple times. Even at school, which I dont get because have my book bag monogrammed with my name in it!!! Hehe:)

  9. hahah!That is so funny!I'm glad I won't have any of these happen to me.I wold feel so embarrassed!Sierra


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