june 13, 2006

the day we got our wisdom teeth out was a memorable one.
well, not for us.

all we remember is puking afterward and getting infections... eew.
our mama had us write down our feelings while we were on laughing gas.
this is what we wrote...


"my lips are soft and my tongue is long."
"closest i'll ever get to drugs, eh?"
"who invented mirrors?"
"i enjoy not being able to feel body parts when they're still on me."
"i look like a chubby version of me with two tampons coming out of my face. besides that i'm a freaking model without makeup you can call me beautiful or sexy."


"i feel like sh*t."
"ky looks like a walrus."
"how'd i get here?"
"i need quality h2o. my mouth is sick of being open."
"i just tasted blood."


"my mom is the best for being here for me. i like her scratchies a lot. she gives good scratchies."
"my mom is beautiful and she deserves a big flower and she needs a hug i love her."
"bridger is my boss and he is patient."
"mask rollers."

i think that about sums us up.
kylie, with all her details and observations. four pages of complete sentences.
lisa, blunt and to the point. hilarious.
megan, gotta love my scratchies and concern for others. 
and apparently work was on my mind, we used to paint houses.

our subconscious minds depict our personalities perfectly, don't ya think?
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2 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. oh my gosh i am laughing so hard right now im crying haha and trying to hold in my laugh to be quiet since im at work, and im struggling. so hilarious. how did you find that paper where mom had us write what we were feeling/thinking?


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