hi guys!
well, ky says hi.
here we are, being cute in the desert.
when we were little we really liked to play in the sand.
and i mean the sand that exploded out of our neighbors swimming pool hose.
we would spend hours out there digging holes and building little communities.
including grocery stores, shopping malls and ski lifts.
all our toy mice, elephants and squirrels played an important role. 
we had quite the imaginations.
i remember taking our homemade bread with melted cheese out there and playing until dark.
one time a bee got stuck in lisa's piggy tail. 
she always wore piggy tails.
and then the tragic day finally came...
when our neighbors destroyed our sandy land with their pool hose that started it all.
it was a sad day.
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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. what a fun blog!! i love travel blogs and the fact that this is x3 is awesome amazing!

  2. haha oh best times ever!! love it!


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