as you all know,
LISA is engaged! 
she is triplet #2.

we have been scrambling to plan her upcoming wedding, 
on september the 3rd.

pinterest has become our best friend.
it's pretty hard when the triplets are apart - 
lisa is in hawaii, i (kylie) am in peru, 
and megan is in idaho.
although we are far apart, 
we always find ways 
to stick together.

i just thought i'd share something lisa said to me earlier,
which explains our connection perfectly.

"you are a part of me. you and megan are like in me.

happy weekend, everyone!
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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. yay love this! most helpful thing ever!

  2. seriously, the love and joy you three have for each other and life is contagious!

  3. this is so sweet :) i have two sisters and even though were not triplets i know how special sisters can be :) Congrats to Lisa!


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