is anybody else wondering where on earth lisa is?
well, she doesn't know how to blog. so we'll keep you updated on little lissy (for now).

lisa is in hawaii doing what we miss most, playing at the beach! 
she recently hiked mokoli'i island; a cool island in oahu shaped like a chinese man's hat.

tourists like to come and take pictures of it. the brave ones actually swim to it.
rumor says the area between the island and the beach is hammerhead breeding ground.

we tried not to think about that..

you can snorkel out, paddle out on your surfboard, or just swim.
it is about a 45 minute swim with a mild current. we did it no problem!

the island is rocky, grassy, buggy and beautiful. there are trails and ropes prepared for you to discover and make your way up. don't wear your flippy floppies, you'll need a sturdy foot!

the view from the top is absolutely majestic. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
so worth the risk of shark attack don't ya think?
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3 comments on CHINAMAN'S HAT

  1. ya!! so fun i loved this hike it was the best adventure :)and zero sitings of sharks. never heard of anyone encountering sharks especially if during the day, it is very safe :)!! just avoid night swims by chinamans hat!!

  2. Well I just wanted you girls to know how much I love your blog. I share your "travel bug". I was in the same ward as lisa fall '09. I just think everything about your photos, clothes and adventure are amazing. keep it up...

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I'm so glad I did! The photos are lovely. I love reading other people's travel stories for inspiration.

    I'm your newest follower, won't you please follow me back?


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