this gorgeous girl named lisa is engaged!
sorry boys. the last triplet is officially taken.
chase got down on one knee last night and popped the big question.
let's just say it was a romantic evening on the beach with two very happy people.
what are the odds?
we blog about honeymoon destinations and then lis gets engaged.
don't worry, we'll let you in on her honeymoon plans too.
congratulations lisa and chase! 
we are beyond stoked for you guys!
so so so happy.
love you sis.
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9 comments on BIG NEWS

  1. Hooray! I had a hunch this might happen. What a cute couple!

  2. congrats! i had an itching suspicion that this was gonna happen...when a few days before i left hawaii i was at pounders beach and thought i saw kylie in arms with another BLONDER man!

    ...then i remembered there were 3 of you!

  3. congrats to lisa...that is so exciting!!!

  4. yay! what a marvelous moment :). Congrats lisa darling!

  5. Congrats Lisa!! So exciting!!!! You guys will have beautiful little surfer babies :)

  6. hehehe yay! thanks everyone :) wahoooo

  7. yayyyyyyyy thanks everyone! we are so excited!!


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