I, Kylie, have moved from saying Aloha in Hawaii to Hola in Peru!
I am currently living in Cusco, and am excited to share my experiences with you all.

I will be living in South America for the remainder of the year.  As an international intern for a humanitarian organization called Ascender, I will be filming and photographing all humanitarian projects in the region.  Our upcoming project begins June 16th - we will be leading an expedition in a tiny village called Amaru near Pisaq, just outside of Cusco. This village is in the Sacred Valley, and we will be building a school for the middle school children. We are stoked to get started on this adventure and share our footage and photographs with you.

For all who are interested in seeing this part of the world,
you will die when you see los mercados. They are FILLED with handicrafts, artifacts,
and beautiful materials of bright happy colors.
The exchange rate here in Peru is currently about 2.66 - 2.755 soles to $1 USD.
Handicrafts are cheap and we've already purchased a beautiful alpaca blanket to snuggle up with at night. Cusco is a beautiful city, and the surrounding villages even more so.
I'll have plenty to share as I will be posting here often on what I'm up to in South America.
Ciao ciao!
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4 comments on BIENVENIDO A PERU

  1. Love all the colorful items!

  2. Love all the colorful items!

  3. Kylie, it is seriously unhealthy for me to read your blog... you are making me a really jealous girl, ha ha! But seriously i love that you get to do that, and one day i will do something as cool!!! Rock on:)


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