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i, kylie, have an international internship with an NGO called ascender.
they are a humanitarian organization that is helping to build a school 
in a tiny village called amaru, with the help of several U.S. volunteers.

amaru is above pisac (well-known for its incredible markets)
and about 35 minutes outside of cusco, peru in the sacred valley. 
this small community is in need of a new school,
as their old one has broken down and fallen apart.
ascender is working in conjunction with the community members 
to house volunteers and help supply labor to work all next week.

my specific assignment is to film and photograph the expedition.
my husband, spencer, will be with me. 
we leave for machu picchu this weekend and
will be filming for a week straight!

we are excited to temporarily live among these wonderful people.
in amaru they speak quechua, a different dialect that the Incas spoke.
we will keep busy with various activities including
hygiene, weaving, futbol, english, and reforestation. 
i'll be sure to share with you the progress of our work in peru!
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  1. beautiful kylie. thanks so much for sharing :) love you sis!

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