see that cozy looking fleece vest i'm wearing?
yeah. north face.
i've been wanting one of these for a long time.
if you have a tight budget at all, you know how expensive these are (for a vest).
i bit the bullet and did it - because i wanted it that bad.
we're talking $80. 
is that disgusting?

well, here's my excuse...
i'm moving to peru, it's a wind blocker, and it's warm.
the great thing about it - is there are no arms!
which means more flexibility and more options for layering.
which is exactly what i need in south america.
perfect for that crisp morning jog,
those days you just don't feel like lumping in another jacket under your coat,
and "just the right amount" of warmth for your core.

i can justify this purchase all i want. 
but the real reason for this post is the fact that it was FREE.

it all started at REI. i was really excited when i saw my receipt.
the final purchase ended up being cheaper than i had expected.
with a smile and a hop, i left REI feeling like a satisfied customer.
unfortunately for me, i looked at my receipt. 
that's when i noticed that the vest did NOT get rung up at the cashier.

i told myself, "their mistake, their loss. they didn't charge me. YAHOO!"

after about 3 minutes of celebrating my victory, and making up thousands of reasons 
why this is so awesome the guilt began to settle in.
i thought of my mother.
what would she do?
i know exactly what she'd do.
turn around and pay for it.

i thought of the day i die and come face to face with my maker.
he would certainly pull up a video clip and show me this day.
the day i galloped off with the vest, guilt-free and $80 richer.

then i thought,
"oh crap."

i turned around and paid for my vest.
i thought maybe, just maybe, the cashier would have mercy on me.
for being a good samaritan i'd at least get a discount!


not so...
she was so stoked i wanted to pay for my vest.
she rang it up with a smile.
and i left $80 poorer.
but with a clean conscience.

was it worth it?
i'd say yes.
i figure, karma is karma.
if i'd kept that vest - guess what would have happened?

some darling little peruvian who needed the warmth FAR MORE than me
would have snagged it in the night.
i would have lost it in my luggage.
it'd get ripped in half by a guinea pig!

i don't know.
maybe it would have been fine after all.
but i wouldn't have felt right wearing something i didn't pay for.
i still don't understand how people can steal things and kill people
and not feel an inkling of guilt.
where is the humanity?!

so there you have it, folks.
honesty is the best policy.
the blessings will come from somewhere else - 
at some other time when i really need it.

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  1. hahahahaha i love this ky! so funny and so true. well done sis, you did the right thing and i was there to witness it all. good karma will come your way im sure of it :)

  2. good job sis i proud of you :) you made the right choice. good thing we have such a great mom :)!!

  3. integrity. some have it and some dont. i think its a major player in the definition of ones self, consider yourself lucky you have it!


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